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Posts tagged as “cmnm”

New twink in the office endures welcoming humiliation

I would not want to be the new twink in this office. Seem that the other guys are heavy into twink humiliation and they sure have a good time with the new guy. Stripped and held down in an office chair, these guys give him a huge dose of cmnm twink humiliation as they give his crank a good yanking until he pops his load. It’s apparent that the new guy has no fucking clue what is happening to him until it’s too late. Check out the cmnm pics and you can see that he is not going to be a happy camper.

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Office workers anal finger their naughty colleague after hours

If you think that it’s always all work and no play at the work place, then you will need to see these cmnm pics. It seems that some of his fellow workers are not happy with his behavior. They think that maybe this naughty employee needs to be taught a lesson and boy do they teach him a thing or two. After normal hours and everyone has left for the day, this dude is kept after for some anal fingering. In order to get their point across, his fellow employee’s subject him to hard cmnm anal fingering while getting his cock worked over. Check it for yourself today!

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